Introduction to Gluten Free Cooking


Hi, welcome to my Australian Gluten Free Cooking Blog. Here I want share with you my partner Piets’ love of cooking combined with my gluten free lifestyle.

Approximately 6 years I was diagnosed with being gluten intolerant. At first I found it hard with the amount of food I was no longer able to consume that contained wheat/gluten in some form. I think I lost 10 kilo grams in the first year of being gluten intolerant but it was also the beginning of a much healthier lifestyle. I went from being anaemic 6 months of the year and not being allowed to donate blood to being able to donate blood!
A couple of years ago a very wonderful person came into my life. One of Piet’s many great qualities was that he was a great cook! He was able to adapt his cooking skills into gluten free cooking quite easily.
About 6 months ago Piet and I had an amazing experience travelling and driving through Europe for 6 weeks, countries such as Germany, Italy (Tuscany), Paris & London. In the 6 weeks of consuming more foods containing gluten than I would normally I didn’t have any issues/pains/problems. The country I thought I would have the most difficulty in finding gluten free food as they are known for pizza and pasta – yes Italy, was the easiest country to find gluten free groceries in the supermarket.

About to enjoy Piets Italian gluten free pasta in Vellano, Tuscany

My next blog will be about my first experience in making a traditional Italian Gluten Free Tiramisu 🙂