Home made Gluten Free Sushi


I would like to say thank you to two people, firstly my sister for introducing me to what is now one of my all-time favourite on the go meals/snacks. My sister and I would catch up for lunch and on a regular basis she would be eating sushi. There was something about eating seaweed that didn’t appeal to me, but one day my sister said to me ‘how about you just try some and see what you think’ well within a short time frame I was converted. She still laughs at me now and says ‘eating sushi again’

Secondly I would like to thank Chef Piet for teaching me how to make sushi. It’s cheap to buy when you are out and about but even cheaper and easy to make at home. What I love about sushi is that it is healthy, gluten free, quick to make and when it’s home made you know exactly what you are eating.

For this recipe we made a tuna & red onion with mayonnaise sushi and a smoked salmon, cucumber and mayonnaise sushi. There is no limit on what you could use as your filling. One of my favourite fillings is smoked salmon with cream cheese and cucumber.


2 cups of Sushi Rice, rinsed and cooked

1 packet of Obento Nori sheets (seaweed sheets)

1tbls Rice wine vinegar

1x Bamboo sushi rolling mat

Your choice of filling i.e cucumber, tuna, avocado, smoked salmon, cream cheese

Pickled Ginger (optional)

Wasabi (optional)

1. Once rice is cooked and cooled, add 1 tbls of Rice wine vinegar and stir to combine.

2. Place nori seaweed, shiny side down on the bamboo rolling mat.

3. Spread vinegared rice evenly over the nori seaweed sheet, keeping about 2cm at the the far end of the sheet from the rice.

4. Place fillings for your roll on top of rice, careful not to add too much as it wont roll properly

5. Lift the front of the bamboo mat closest to you and begin to roll the sheet tightly. Just before reaching the end of the sheet, wet the exposed strip with a little water. Apply gentle pressure to join the edges of the nori sheet.

6. The rolls can be eaten whole or sliced with a wet, sharp knife.

Enjoy 🙂