My Experience with Coconut Oil

Until recently I’d heard about coconut oil  and the health benefits but I had not looked into it or even used it. For all our cooking we had been using Olive Oil. The only coconut I consumed was Whittakers Coconut Chocolate.

After reading plenty of stories about coconut oil and the health benefits I came across a 21 day coconut oil detox and decided it would be a good opportunity to see how much truth there was in these claims.

Since having coconut oil every day I have found that I feel better and that my sugar or chocolate cravings have reduced. A lot of women would agree with me in that there is almost always one week out of four where we consume more quantities of chocolate than normal. I’ll be honest and say sometimes I could easily consume half a block of chocolate in one sitting especially Whittakers Coconut. Then I started having coconut oil and found I wasn’t even thinking about chocolate let alone getting cravings for it. I’ve also found I’m less hungry.

We have started to use coconut oil in most of our cooking and have been pleasantly surprised. We imagined eating a meal that had the distinct taste of coconut through it but that wasn’t the case, you would hardly know it was there, the flavour was so subtle.We use coconut oil in everything from making omelette’s to stir frys and baking cakes.

The health benefits for using coconut oil are:

*Increases Energy & helps fatigue
*Helps with weight loss
*Supports the immune system
*Helps improve digestive orders
*Reduces sugar cravings
*Supports Thyroid Function and Hormone Balance

Yes coconut oil can be used in ALL your cooking, savoury or sweet. You can use it instead of butter or other oils. Coconut Oil and products