Gluten Free means taste free? I don’t think so! Creamy Smoked Salmon and Dill Pasta Gluten Free!

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I have to admit I am a little bit spoilt. Who can admit they have their own chef? Well  I didn’t until a few years ago, until I met a wonderful caring person who enjoyed cooking, even cooking gluten-free was not much of a challenge.

I’ve heard many times that eating gluten-free must mean taste free. Not True!! This recipe has to be one of the tastiest Gluten Free meals I’ve ever had and it doesn’t take much time at all.

I love smoked salmon whether its stuffed in a sushi roll, as part of breakfast – we have been told that smoked salmon for breakfast is extravagant – I’ll let you be the judge of that… or used in a tasty recipe like this.

The only ingredient that required changing was the pasta. If you can do home made pasta it is somthing special otherwise store-bought Gluten Free Pasta – I prefer store bought San Remo Gluten Free. Refer to this link – San Remo Gluten Free Pasta

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1 tbls olive oil

1 whole onion finely diced

2 shallots finely sliced

Handful of dill

150g smoked salmon sliced

600ml thickened cream

Gluten Free pasta home made or store bought. For home made refer to previous blog in February on how to make home made gluten free pasta

Sea Salt &  Cracked pepper to taste

1 tsp of Gluten Free Vegetable Stock

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Heat oil in non stick fry pan on med to high heat

Saute onion

Add sliced shallots and 3/4 of dill reserving 1/4 for garnish

Fry for 3-4 mins

Add sliced salmon and fry for 2 mins

Add 600ml cream, salt and pepper to taste and 1 tsp vegetable stock powder

Stir and simmer on med heat for 5 mins or until sauce starts bubbling gently

In the meantime, cook pasta until al-dente and drain when cooked

Place pasta on plate with salmon and cream sauce on top

Garnish with remaining dill

Bon Apeitit