Gluten Free Cereal – an aisle less travelled

As a kid growing up there was an endless array of breakfast cereal that you could choose from. Our choices included, Weetbix, Cocoa Pops, Nutri Grain, Sultana Bran, Frosties, Just Right, Corn Flakes, Rice Bubbles and that’s just to name a few. Being one of 5 children, we started off eating Weetbix and as we got older the choice of cereal in the pantry increased to keep my brothers and my sister and I satisfied as far as breakfast.

I was diagnosed at about age 30 with being gluten intolerant, not Coeliac which meant I could cope with some gluten but not as much as a diagnosed Coeliac. For me, this meant I could no longer eat anything containing wheat, oats, barley/malt or rye.

I remember walking through the cereal aisle in my local supermarket and concluding that all the cereal I was able to eat as a child and up to age 30 was no longer on the table.  One positive side is that when I do the grocery shopping now, its one less aisle travelled.

One other problem I faced was Muesli, the main ingredient in Muesli is Oats. The gluten-free versions generally have rice bran ingredients. As I mentioned in a previous blog anything containing rice bran ingredients was off the table too.

My choice of cereal was therefore reduced from an aisle full of choices to a treasure hunt for gold, locating a gluten-free cereal that I could eat and enjoy. As a child Kellogg Corn Flakes was one of my favorite cereals, especially with cream poured over the top. Kellogg Corn Flakes was no longer an option for me as they contain ‘barley malt extract’.

Until yesterday, when I found gold! Lurking on the top shelf of the health food aisle was a box of Organic Corn Flakes. With nervousness I took the box off the shelf to check the ingredients, and I couldn’t believe my eyes…

I had found Gluten Free Corn Flakes that I could eat – the ingredients were listed as

Nutrition Information

Organic Corn (88%), Organic Raw Sugar, Organic Fruit Juice Concentrate, Salt.

So this finds me, the very next morning, after consuming a bowl of  Norganic Organic Corn Flakes  and concluding that the taste is how I remembered, one very happy Gluten Intolerant customer.

2 thoughts on “Gluten Free Cereal – an aisle less travelled

  1. Funnily enough our coeliac can’t eat these because the fructose in them is too high for his fructose intolerance :-/! But he mostly does well with Freelicious and Lowan and Aldi GF cornflakes… We tend to give him my homemade GF bread for toasty brekkies or bacon/eggs these days!

  2. You’re the second person to recommend the Aldi Cornflakes so I might have try and find some 🙂

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