Looking after yourself from the inside out

After a year of ups and downs and trying to get healthier, I decided it was time to take time out for myself and take 4 weeks leave from work.

On my first day of holidays I had a full body massage, something I’ve not done for a long time and it felt great!

After being told by the massage therapist that my muscles were very tight and also feeling how tight my muscles had become while being massaged, it got me thinking that we don’t spend enough time looking after ourselves, not just internally but externally, and taking time out for ourselves.

Having said that, for the latter half of this year I had been focused on eating healthier.

My partner and I have adopted the Paleo lifestyle which we do for 80-90% of the time. We also enjoy 1-2 bottles of red wine a week. If you want to reduce sugar, red wine is the best option. For more information on alcoholic drinks that contain the least amount of sugar refer to this link Alcoholic Drinks and sugar

We still enjoy coffee during the day with milk but no sugar. Personally, I found I needed to switch from drinking regular milk to Lactose Free Milk (compare the images below):

bloating from dairy

Bloating from dairy

10 days after reducing dairy

10 days after reducing dairy

After following the Paleo lifestyle since August, I have dropped 2 kilos, and I have no bloating and just feel healthier in general. Over the same time, my partner has dropped 5 kilos and still going.

It is a slow process so you may not see results to begin with but the longer you follow it the more you will see results.

A friend said to me living Paleo is not about eating boring, tasteless food, its about thinking outside the box in regard to what you eat.

So much so that a work colleague commented on the meals that my partner and I have, saying “‘You eat gourmet meals, you don’t need to go out for a special meal!”

Well if that’s the definition of Paleo, then bring it on!

Our bodies are thanking us for this new, improved lifestyle.

If you would like more information about the Paleo lifestyle I highly recommend this book Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo.


I mentioned having a massage at the beginning of this post, I believe that it’s something we should do on a regular basis.  You probably don’t realise over time how tight your muscles become due to stress and lack of exercise, and having regular massage will help release tired tight muscles.

My tips for looking after yourself from the inside out are:

  • Reduce sugar, dairy, wheat products, potatoes and rice
  • Drink 2 liters of water a day
  • Have a massage regularly
  • Take time out for yourself to relax i.e meditation,  yoga
  • Exercise regularly, it doesn’t need to be intense but regular exercise such as walking 30mins a day will help you feel better
  • Get some Vitamin D aka sun each day – instead of sitting inside for lunch take a walk and find a park or somewhere to sit outside for lunch
  • Taking regular holidays from work i.e at least every 6 months even if it’s just having a break from the daily grind and taking the time to do the things you enjoy