Remember the days


Late last year I had the privilege of participating in my first Facebook Secret Santa Gift exchange. Chantelle aka Fatmumslim did a fantastic job of organizing this (as well as juggling being a mum to 2 children). This exchange saw over 300 participants world wide exchange secret santa gifts. I had alot of fun and I hope to participate again this year.

Through this exchange I met two people, firstly Mandy who was my gifter and introduced me to Kikki-K Stationery by sending me some wonderful stationery. Secondly I met Carly, who was one of the helpers/Elves assisting with the organisation of the Gift Exchange.

Towards the end of the gift exchange, Carly and her friend Sarah came up with the idea of connecting with people, not through social media but through the old fashioned way of writing letters and posting them. I thought it was a fantastic idea – who doesn’t love to receive letters/postcards from all over the world. Remember the days of waiting for the postman to arrive and rushing out to the letter box to pick up eagerly awaited letters from friends or family?

So I signed up. Thanks to Mandy, I was now able to acquaint myself with Kikki-K and order myself some new pens and letter writing pads. I look forward to putting pen to paper, posting letters away and eagerly awaiting a response.

If you would love to be part of this, to write and receive letters and form new friendships the old fashioned way, you can find the sign up form on Carly’s blog at Bright Spark Spark Connections or through Sarah’s blog Creating Contentment



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