Zero to Hero Challenge – Why did I start this blog?

Good question, why did I start this blog? The idea came to me towards the end of last year (2013). I had been blogging on another blog but it was mainly gluten free recipes. If I dig deep I think a) I was becoming bored with it and b) I felt myself growing and a need to expand on what I was doing. Although at that time I wasn’t exactly sure what else I would blog about and if anyone else would be interested in reading it.

After letting that thought percolate for a while I jotted down some ideas. I decided that my new expanded page would just be about life/my life, things I love (whatever that may be) and dreams/hopes/goals. Basically whatever I felt drawn/compelled to blog about.

There was also that flickering doubt that my blog wouldn’t attract any readers, people wouldn’t be interested blah blah blah but that was fear talking. I’m also a quiet/reserved/closed book kind of person. I don’t let too many people into my space or cave so to speak. Some people call me an introvert. My definition of introvert is someone who enjoys their own space. Not necessarily rude or snobbish, but someone who needs to withdraw to their cave at times, from the hectic/crazy life that can be and recharge.

Also for me to express my thoughts on a blog that others could read, is somewhat pushing boundaries for me. Hopefully in time I will feel more comfortable and just write/blog regardless of whether people read it or not.

To me it’s about growing and expanding and that is what this year is about, starting with the new moon on 1st January. A new moon on 1st January, to me anyway, represents new beginnings, new hopes/dreams and releasing old fears/negative people/thoughts etc.

So I thought there was no better time than to launch my new improved/expanded blog at midnight on 1st January 2014.

Strangely or coincidentally – I believe the universe will show you things when you are ready, within a day or two of launching my new blog I came across this Zero to Hero 30 day challenge on blogging. I had been blogging for a year but had not seen this before! This the reason for this particular blog.


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  1. I too believe the universe shows us things for a reason, so I salute you running with this challenge and the blog itself. I look forward to its growth and getting to know you more.

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