Places I would love to visit

As part of the Zero to Hero 30 day challenge, today’s task was to include a new element in your blog that you haven’t used before.

Today I’m using Pinterest. My sister introduced me to this a few months ago. She explained it as a great way to ‘pin’ things you come across whether it be recipes/photos/places to visit/clothes to buy and it’s a handy reference to go back to when you want to re-look at something in particular. It saves you hunting all over the website trying to find that particular recipe/article/photo etc

This is my ‘places I would love to visit’ board.


One thought on “Places I would love to visit

  1. I’m also on Pinterest. I was a little bit addicted to it a while ago. The problem is my laptop was acting crazy, so I’d use it on my iPad, so I’d just “like” the pics and not put them onto boards, lol I’m trying to fix it 😛

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