Scattered like leaves in the wind

That’s what my thoughts are today – scattered like leaves in the wind. I was trying to think of a blog to write and had a number of ideas and inspirations go through my head.  Instead of trying to hone in on one particular thought or idea I decided for something different I would share with you my random thoughts and inspirations that have come to me today through news articles, videos and blogs.

In no particular order

Hakuna matata it means no worries – who can remember those words from a particular movie that came out approx 20  years ago, wow has it been that long! I love that movie and have watched it countless times over the years, but in particular I love hearing those words – they just make me smile and feel better like this short video clip did.

On getting home from work and logging onto the internet, this article caught my attention. On reading through the article it inspired me as this is a dream that my partner and I would love to achieve one day…

35 cities in two years

I was thinking about when I met this totally inspirational speaker many years ago and had the opportunity of giving him a hug when I came across this blog from a fellow blogger at Ulawyss – Nick Vujicic amazing night

You may have heard of Nick, he was born without arms and legs, but that hasn’t stopped him from achieving what he wants in life. When I met him his hope at that particular time was to find a girl who loved him as he was. I was happy to hear recently that Nick has not only got married but he and his wife have had a baby together.

My last thought for the day is inspired by this thought. We all feel fear at some stage for various reasons. Part of my duties at work require me to go for a drive each day. You may wonder what is fearful about that, but until recently one of my biggest fears was driving and more so reverse parking unfamiliar cars in-between other parked cars and solid cement posts!

Until I faced this fear internally and verbally and only then, did I feel more confident driving random cars (some days I never know what car I might have to drive until I am given the keys!).

I actually enjoy going for a drive now, aside from the fact that it gets me out of the office for a time!


So there you have it, my random thoughts for the day – I hope some or all of these links/ articles have given you new hope or inspiration 🙂


2 thoughts on “Scattered like leaves in the wind

  1. Sometimes I also have random thoughts when I’m about to blog and it’s so hard to separate them into little posts or even do a post about it… I usually just end up doing nothing, lol

    I’m also surprised it’s been 20 years since they released “The Lion King”, I love it so much! ❤

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