A day of rest


When I sat down at the beginning of the year to write out my goals for 2014, I made sure I commited to one day of rest. As I work full time Mon – Fri, study part time and with a few extra hobbies thrown into the mix, sometimes I can get to Sunday night and feel like I haven’t had a chance to catch my breath.

Our lives in general have become so hectic, that I believe having one day of rest, for me anyway, means having a break from not only work but study. I think its important to take one day out of 7 and use it for yourself and not feel guilty.

I grew up in a religious household and although Sunday was considered a day of rest, it never felt like it. We had to be up early, had breakfast, shower, dressed and out the door to go to church. Home by midday, lunch, a few hours respite, and then an early dinner to head out another evening service.

I now look forward  to my Sundays as it means a sleep in but I know the day is mine for whatever I feel like doing. My partner and I take turns cooking each other breakfast in bed. We may either stay in bed all day reading a book, laze around the house in our pajamas watching movies or we may decide to catch up with family/friends – whatever takes our mood.