One step at a time or is it one sit up at a time?


Me and exercise have never really gotten along, well not since my mid to late teens. Any attempt to improve my fitness has seen me go for a walk or run or gym less than half a dozen times and I stop. I don’t know if I get bored or if I’m not motivated enough, but after a very short while I definitely lose interest.

My partner has probably lost count how many times he has heard me say ‘I would like to improve my fitness!’ After a knee injury almost 2 years ago – I was attempting to run home from work every day, which was approx 3.5-4kms, I ended up with a stress fracture in my knee. Well that put me out of action for minimum 6 weeks (on Dr’s orders I wasn’t even allowed to walk 8 mins to the train station and back). Since then my knee has improved a lot but I’m still fearful of running on it, my instinct is telling me I shouldn’t.

So on to plan B, C, D or wherever I’m up to as far as exercise plans! In one of my first blogs for the year I talked about my goals for this year and one of them was to improve my fitness through a fitness routine. It’s been a struggle, but I believe I have come up with a plan that seems to be working for me thus far. Along with fitting in study time every night for 2 hours, I have managed to work in a short exercise routine Mon, Wed and Fri of each week.

My exercise plan is as per the below image – but at this stage I am only completing 1 round and slowly increasing it from there. Today I managed to increase my sit ups by 5 and squats by 5 and I’m finding it easier each time to complete the jumping jacks.



5 thoughts on “One step at a time or is it one sit up at a time?

  1. When getting into an exercise routine, it is probably better to start slowly, with something a little fun, and have little inceases. I think the biggest thing is to keep it fun – especially after the novelty has worn off (and I know this personally – having started many times). So enjoy, persevere, and also be forgiving of yourself if you slip, but get back on trak as soon as you can. And have fun! Be happy with and proud of what you do and achieve – and did I say have fun? πŸ™‚

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