Zero to Hero Day 12 – Comment to Blog

As part of the Zero to Hero 30 Day Challenge the task for day 12 was to expand on a comment you left on a blog.

I’m a fan of Notes by Natalie who likes to ‘shake things up’.  Her inspirational blog is about

‘making changes, doing what you love and stepping outside your comfort zone’

My partner and I love wine and look forward to Fri afternoons, finishing the week off with a nice bottle of red. Personally I’m a fan of Bordeaux wines or anything from the McLaren Vale Region in South Australia.

So the other day I saw this post from Notes by Natalie on What your wine glass says about you and I totally fell in love with these Wine glasses by Lolita Wine Glasses.

I won’t say anything more as I think they are definitely worth checking out. Now I just have to decide on which one to order for me and my partner to enjoy using on a Fri.

I think these are my personal favorites TGIF and It’s 5 O’clock somewhere


10 thoughts on “Zero to Hero Day 12 – Comment to Blog

  1. Nothing like a good wine to finish the week!
    RIght now here in Brazil is summer, so I’m not drinking as much red wine as I do in winter. But I’ve been having a lot of sparkling wine, lol
    I’m going to check out this blog about the wine glasses. Thanks for sharing!

    • I like trying different wines especially from different regions. Are you able to recommend a nice wine or two from your area that you enjoy and If i can find it here I will promise to write a blog with a photo 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for including me in this lovely post! And I’m so happy you checked out Lolita’s site. Your personal favorites are good ones…the glasses make having wine even more fun! (As if we thought it could get any more fun.) Let me know what ones you end up ordering!!

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