Happy Weekend


This finds me on a Fri evening at 8pm relaxing in bed with a nice cup of Rooibos Tea – a South African tea that my partner introduced me too. It has apparently got plenty of healthy benefits, but it seems to help me sleep at night. Sometimes I suffer from insomnia, so being able to sleep through the night is a good feeling.

I was privileged to find that I had been nominated for another award – this one is the Liebster Award which I will blog about in more detail over the weekend. This blog has only been going since 1st January 2014 and this is my second award already, so I’m quite pleased.

My Saturday will be partly consumed by me completing my 3rd out of 4 assessments for my 4th subject in my Adv.Diploma in Nutritional Medicine. This will make me officially halfway through block 1 of 3. It will take me 4 years part time to complete (I started in Sept 2013). Sometimes I wonder how I will get it done, but every subject completed is a subject closer to the finish line.

I also received my first #scmail on Wednesday, which I thoroughly enjoyed reading. You can read more about how I got back into pen pals at my earlier blog Remember the days. I plan to spend some of my Sunday – my allocated day of rest, putting pen to paper in a reply that will be sent back over the ocean.

I almost applied for another temporary position at my work. This particular position is only for 10 months so is about getting more experience. This afternoon I came to the conclusion that due to the 4 upcoming somewhat full on subjects that I need to complete over the coming 10 months for my study in Nutrition and as much as the extra experience would have looked good on my CV or resume, I thought the extra stress and possibly weekend work that would come from this job experience would not compete well with my studies. Sometimes we have to make sacrifices if it means reaching our goals sooner.

That completes my Fri round up. Sleep time for me. Good night and hope you all have a great weekend 🙂