I was inspired by another blogger to create a post of the day we visited Berlin. As part of our Europe adventure a couple of years ago, my partner and I drove up to Berlin for one day. Unfortunately that was all the time we had to visit but I would love to go back and spend a week or more exploring.

I’m not sure what it was but I fell in love with Berlin. My ancestral connections to Europe go back at least 3 generations but as I was walking around Berlin I felt connected.

We were totally grateful for Andrea (Piets niece) joining us and giving us a tour, walking, catching the bus and the train. We were clearly lacking in speaking and understanding German, so to have Andrea as our tour guide was a blessing

This was our day in Berlin

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2 thoughts on “Berlin

  1. Lovely. There is a song by Marlene Dietrich and Hildegard Knef “Ich hab’ noch einen Koffer in Berlin” (There is still a suitcase of mine in Berlin). Meaning there is still an emotional connection with this city or there is still something to manage for me. Have a good week!

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