Bringing back Snail Mail


I mentioned in one of my first posts for this year that I had signed up to rekindle my love of receiving snail mail. It seems to be making a comeback this year as I’ve come across a few blogs, posts on Facebook and Instagram from people reviving the snail mail. I’ve also seen a few posts from people wanting to find pen pals so I thought I would share with you what I have found so far. If you are interested in finding a pen pal check out these following links:

The first one I joined was by Creating Contentment, the new sign up is here Spark Connections Pen Pal

I also found and joined this group via Instagram @snailmailrevival or click this link Instagram Snail Mail Revival

I’m a fan of FATMUMSLIM who with a friend, has created some delightful cards you can order here Scatter Love Project to get you started with your snail mail revival.

I don’t know about you but about the only thing I receive in my letter box these days are bills and shopping catalog’s. To come home to a nice pretty letter, hand written by someone from across the globe is a nice feeling and more personal than logging into email. Don’t get me wrong, email is free and instant but there is just something special about receiving a hand written letter.

I know what I will be doing this weekend, putting pen to paper and spreading the joy of receiving and sending snail mail.


2 thoughts on “Bringing back Snail Mail

  1. Thanks for linking to me!!! I’m so glad you are enjoying the letter writing. It is so special these random relationships I am forming with these women I write to. I am also finding that I am very honest and reveal a lot of myself when I am writing my letters. I think it is a good way to learn more about myself too. xS

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