Where has the week gone?


It’s been one of those weeks where I feel I haven’t had enough time to do all that I want to.

The majority of the week has been spent either working my Mon – Fri job and when I come home doing study. I’ve ended up being a week behind. The first topic of Anatomy & Physiology we were supposed to do the readings and complete an assessment quiz at the end of the first week. There was quite a lot of reading and information to try and absorb and I felt it wasn’t enough time for me so I stretched it out. I completed the quiz yesterday afternoon but not with the mark I would’ve liked. As this is only the beginning I hope to do better with the rest of this subject. This is the 5th subject, having completed 4 subjects with 3 High Distinctions since Sept last year. So the pressure is on myself to do well! Don’t get me wrong I love the study and find it interesting, but I need to re-evaluate and re-arrange things so I do not getter further behind. I am truly thankful for my supportive caring partner who does the majority of the cooking, which  he does enjoy and tries to help me stay on track.

But today is a rest day. It’s my mother in law’s 75th birthday, so we are heading down the coast to enjoy a day out with her and have a nice lunch to celebrate.

Enjoy your weekend whatever your plans!

“Image courtesy of arztsamui Free Digital Photos