Creating new space

Six months into my study and I still hadn’t set up a permanent study place. I had just been using our bedroom, spreading my study material all over our bed but then came bed time and I had to move everything. It was certainly not good Feng Shui but so far this had been working for me as it was the least distracting place in our small 2 bedroom unit.

Yesterday it was time to get serious as I felt I wasn’t really getting into a proper routine or feeling settled. We may not have a lot of room but we were able to re-arrange the 2nd bedroom/study and create a little alcove/study/library corner for me.

It meant removing all the books from our largest bookshelf, moving the bookshelf (which won’t budge when it’s full of books) and it gave me an opportunity to re-arrange the books into some sort of order.

Four hours later, I had my little corner set up.


part way through re-arranging after removing books and other items from room


lounge is now cleared


Job finished, mission accomplished. My new study/library corner

Change is good. Re-arranging rooms in your house can also remove stale, negative energy and create new, refreshing energy.


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