Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn

It’s Friday 28th February, the end of another week and also the end of summer for those of us living in the Southern Hemisphere. From here on it will start getting cooler – I really can’t complain about our winters. The last few years have been what I would classify as mild. Minimum temps no lower than 5oC and max temps around 20oC. The last time I remember min temp’s around 1 or 2oC was almost 10 years ago!

My study is still going slowly – still pushing my way through A&P otherwise known as Anatomy & Physiology. It’s quite in depth and week by week student’s seem to be falling behind. As long as I have everything completed that I need to by the end of April I will be happy.Although, I am feeling less motivated at the moment. I have quite a number of novels I would love to read through, curl up on the couch and just escape from everyday work problems. A day in between Saturday and Sunday would be good! The thing is, once i get through the readings that I need to for each subject the last thing I want to do is pick up a novel and read more! I just need to keep on pushing on and at the end it will be all worthwhile.

This time last year we were in Melbourne. My first trip to my home town in about 20 years. We also visited the Avalon Air Show which was fantastic. The below image was my favorite part, the Breitling Wing Walkers who came all the way from England.


Breitling Wing Walkers, Avalon Air Show, Melbourne 2013
image copyright (C) of Life, Love, and Dreams

Well here’s to the beginning of a new season, whatever that may bring for you!